The clinical staff at Tumaini are all professionally qualified, and accredited or licensed by their professional bodies.  In addition they are all missionaries themselves, so they know the joys and challenges of mission life from first-hand experience.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Roger is a board certified general psychiatrist and is board-eligible in child & adolescent psychiatry.  Roger provides psychiatric care and evaluations for a variety of mental health issues. He has special interests in working with children, teens, and adults with ADHD;  trauma care; and play therapy.  Roger and Shirley arrived in Kenya to serve with AIM in 1991 and have been involved in Tumaini since the founding.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Gisela worked as a missionary doctor in Zimbabwe before training as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Germany, her home country.  Gisela joined AIM Care to work at Tumaini in 2005, where she offers support through psychiatric care, specialized trauma therapy, general counseling, as well as member care workshops.


MBACP (Senior Accred.)
Volunteer Staff  – based in the UK

Mark has worked as a Counsellor in the UK for over 30 years, including 17 years as Head of Counselling at Cambridge University.  Mark is a Senior Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.  He joined the staff of Tumaini in Nairobi at the start of 2014 and is the Clinical Team Leader for Tumaini.  Mark is married to Barbara.  They are based in the UK due to family circumstances, but Mark continues to oversee the administration and planning for Tumaini, with periodic visits to Africa.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi.  Currently on Home Assignment

Soohyun is a General Psychiatrist who graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea.  She has also trained in missiological and cross-cultural work at All Nations Christian College in the UK, and has spent time in Tanzania.  Soohyun came with her family to join the Tumaini team in January 2014.  From June 2017 Soohyun is on Home Assignment and plans to return to Nairobi in August 2018.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Dr Chang has been licensed as a psychologist in US for over 25 years.  She was born in Asia and went to America to pursue graduate school trainings, and then settled in a multi-cultural region, where there are over 100 languages/cultures represented.  Dr Chang came to Tumaini in the beginning of 2015, and works with individuals, couples and families. In addition, she does psycho-educational and psychological assessment.


Clinical Social Worker
Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Gunilla has worked as a family counselling social worker for 15 years in Sweden within a multi-culture setting. She has a degree in basic psychotherapy and works with individuals, couples and families with a holistic and collaborative perspective. Gunilla joined Tumaini in October 2016. Gunilla spent most of her 10 first years as a missionary kid in Tanzania and has lived in Zimbabwe and New York as an adult with her family. In late 2017 Gunilla took on the role of Lead Clinician for the Nairobi Centre.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

James received his M.A. Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Seminary and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He is trained as a Master Clinician in Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Children and certified in CISM crisis debriefing.  His experience includes counseling; children and  adolescents, addiction/relapse prevention, stress management, anxiety and depression. James is currently winding up his work at Tumaini and returning to the US, so is not now taking on new clients.


Chr. Psychology, Psychotherapy (HPG)
Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Kampala

Judith came to Kenya as an AIM counselor in 2008. She previously worked as a missionary nurse in Uganda and has a degree in Christian Psychology (IACP –Germany) and Psychotherapy (HPG). One of her passions is to support missionaries in stress management, cultural adjustment, mentoring short-term missionaries and working with teenagers. She is a board member of German Missionary Medical Team. Judith is now the Lead Clinician at our Tumaini Counselling Centre in Kampala, Uganda, which opened in 2016.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Kampala

Before joining Tumaini, Aaron worked at a residential home for teen-aged boys, ran a missionary guest house, and volunteered as a counselor at an intensive retreat center for missionaries in crisis. Aaron has a master’s degree in counseling from Huntington University with a minor in Spiritual Formation and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Aaron is passionate about integration of faith and the counseling process. His experience includes working with teens and adults with a special interest in couples’ counseling.


Volunteer Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Shirley is the personal assistant for the AIM psychiatrists and assists in various other support capacities.  She is a nurse and has a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  The Browns have two daughters in university in the US.


Support Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Doreen is the AIM Care Office Supervisor. Doreen has oversight of all administration staff, maintains the financial records, and is the senior administrator liaising with the Clinical Team Leader and Lead Clinician for Nairobi.


Support Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Caroline is our Office Administrative Assistant. Carol supervises the compound staff, purchases stationery and handles other office expenses, and is our Librarian.


Support Staff – Tumaini Nairobi

Mary is our Clinical Administrative Assistant. Mary handles client reception, intake, follow up and record keeping, preparing evaluation materials including for RVA clinics, and assists the clinical team with administrative tasks like scanning, photocopying etc.


Support Staff  – Tumaini Kampala

Faith works at Tumaini Kampala as Office Administrator. She also helps out on reception.


Support Staff  – Tumaini Kampala

Imelda works at Tumaini Kampala as Housekeeper.