Four members of the  Tumaini Counseling Clinical team held a webinar on 17 June 2020 that addressed the 4 Covid-19 related topics of:

  • Uncertainty
  • Anxiety
  • Helping Kids Cope
  • Teams and Relationships

The entire 66 minute webinar can be streamed either for audio only or as a video.  We do ask individuals viewing the video to consider making a small donation to help us cover the costs of of our employed Ugandan and Kenyan staff during the pandemic.  A donation isn’t required to access the webinar.  More information for making a donation can be found at .

View video of the Tumaini webinar

Listen to audio of the Tumaini webinar

The following resources were mentioned by the presenters during the webinar:

  • Oswald Chambers devotional, “Will You Go Out Without Knowing?”
  • Toucan app for couples –  a great phone app that has a collection of topics couples can talk about for growing in their relationship with one another
  • Tumaini website resource page for COVID-19
  • Turnaround Anxiety program for children – this excellent audio program was produced by 2 Christian counselors. Tumaini counselors can provide this without charge via download but only for families that are receiving services through Tumaini.  It is also available as a download for US $99 at
  • 50 Coping Skills for Kids – a fun poster. We suggest that after kids view this that they also make a similar type of poster with another 5- 20+ coping skills that they especially like. Parents can talk with their children about spiritual resources that they as a family find helpful such as prayer, singing worship songs, memorizing scripture, etc. so that the child can consider including these in their personal poster addition as well.