Services during the pandemic

10 April 2021 Update

Our Kampala and Nairobi offices are now reopened for seeing clients either face-to-face or online.  Our counselors are available to missionaries who are in their field setting, displaced, and in some cases in their home country. Priority of services will be for like minded organizations who are engaged in work with Africans. Our counselors are once again based in Africa and available to support individuals, families, teams, and administrators online through Zoom meetings, or by email.  When it is essential, we meet face-to-face.

Please note that both of our offices remain under a strict health protocol as part of Kenya’s and Uganda’s efforts to contain the coronavirus. We desire to provide as safe an environment as possible for all our staff and clients.  We have implemented government protocols as well as additional safety measures in accordance with the Kenya Ministry of Health. Current clients and other individuals considering being seen at Tumaini Nairobi can view our Tumaini Counselling Centre COVID-19 Safety Protocols. Any questions or concerns can be sent to us at

We have Pandemic resources that contain perspectives from a Christian and mission perspective.  Those resources are being added to our Resource Blog under a category called Pandemic – see the side-bar on the right, or click this link: .  If you come across resources that you have found especially helpful, please let us know at so that we can consider making those available to others as well.

In addition, we are willing to consider providing webinars tailored to specific concerns, needs, and populations. Contact us at if you would like to explore that option with us.

Our Tumaini Kampala office phones and Nairobi office phones are once again being monitored.

Existing clients:

New clients: Missionaries or administrators interested in initiating services can send an email to Nairobi at or Kampala at .

General questions or suggestions:

If you are taking medication we urge you to continue to keep a several month supply as a backup in case medication becomes difficult to obtain. Contact your doctor or if you need assistance.