Fight the new drug

These excellent websites contain carefully researched information about pornography, and its effect on those who view porn, as well as on their relationships and sex lives. Fight the New Drug Porn Kills Love

Same Sex Attraction

The True Freedom Trust This UK-based organisation says: “TfT is a confidential Christian support and teaching ministry that holds to authentically biblical teaching on sexuality. We offer support to individuals who experience same-sex attraction, but who choose...

5 Myths of a Missionary Marriage

Survival skills for couples on the field by Nancy Baggé with Tumaini Counselling Center staff Brian and Carol sat in silence, too exhausted to talk. Brian escaped to the computer, hoping for diversion from another bad day. For a while he forgot the sharp words he’d...

Grief – Links to other resources

When Someone You Love Dies and You are Far, Far Away – a very helpful blog post by Rachel Pieh Jones, an expat who writes beautifully about facing that kind of grief and how we make the decision whether to travel or not.
What is it like to be depressed?

What is it like to be depressed?

Clinical depression is a difficult disorder for many individuals to understand.  The following links are provided to helps individuals with depression or those who care for them to begin getting a grasp on understanding it: What is depression?  (a link to a short...