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Pray for us

We ask you to “help us by your prayers” (2 Corinthians 1:11):

  1. Praise the Lord for the work he has accomplished in the lives of many hundreds of missionaries through the work of Tumaini, over the last 25 years since it was founded in 1991.
  2. Ask God for increasing insight for our counselling staff as they address a significant variety of personal needs.
  3. Ask God for ongoing protection and provision for the Tumaini facilities and employed staff.
  4. Ask God for clear and Spirit-directed vision for the future ministry of AIM Care as we establish the new centre in Kampala, Uganda, and to better support missionaries working in other parts of Africa through distance services.
  5. Ask God to bring His chosen clinicians to work at Tumaini in Nairobi and the new centre in Kampala.
  6. Ask God for sufficient finance to be able to do his work well.

Join us – we have vacancies!

July 2020: Africa Inland Mission currently is seeking experienced adult or child psychiatrists, and psychologists and therapists for our centres in both Nairobi and Kampala.  Come to work with us – for a year or for much longer – and help us respond better to those who need our services.  With the pandemic we are currently only offering distance services but hope to resume some face-to-to face sessions later in the year.  In the meantime we are focusing on remote individual therapy and debriefings.

Watch this short video about coming to serve at Tumaini:

All the counsellors at Tumaini are members of their respective missions as well as professionally qualified and licensed in their field.  So there is a dual application process: to AIM or another mission organization, and also to Tumaini Counselling Centre.

Further details about our vacancies and the application process can be downloaded here:

Tumaini Counselling Centre Clinical Staff Vacancies

Sometimes people who are considering applying to work at Tumaini come and visit us for a few days or a week or so, perhaps combining this with a short-term mission experience in Africa. You are welcome to enquire, understanding that our capacity is limited.

Short-term placements at Tumaini

AIM has a variety of schemes that enable people to come on short-term mission trips.  Please see AIM’s main website for general information.

Qualified psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians or counsellors are welcome to contact us about the possibility of working with us short-term, but please note that, because of the time it takes to build a case load and then finish counselling, it is not feasible to do counselling work here for just a few months.

Tumaini does occasionally accept clinicians in training, depending on the number of clinical staff we have, their professional discipline, and their availability to provide clinical supervision.

More detailed information about our policies in taking short-term volunteers is outlined in the PDF below:

AIM Care Policy on Short-term placements

We recognise that individual circumstances vary, so if you are interested in volunteering at Tumaini but unclear how this information applies to you, please do feel free to contact us.