Articles about Tumaini

Breaking barriers through obedience – the journey of Tumaini Counselling Centre. An article looking back to the foundation of this pioneering counselling centre, June 2019

Tumaini Counselling Centre: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Missionary Care. Tumaini celebrated its 25th anniversary in January 2016.

Why Bother with Member Care? (PDF) Article in AIM Europe Connect magazine January 2016

All in this together (PDF) – an article about the work of Tumaini.

Sent: Perspectives on the missionary journey.  Meet Gunilla.

Gunilla shares with us her story of how God led her in a unique way to become a missionary counselor.

Funny how the missionary life is a bit like the life of the typical missionary vehicle. Thankfully there’s help.

Our mission is
 to provide preventative and restorative
 mental health services and pastoral care in
 order to enhance missionary resilience and

This video is also available with German subtitles at this link.

Are you a Christian counsellor, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional wondering whether God may be calling you to use your skills on the mission field?

Then this video is for you.