Useful Links

There are a great many resources available on the web.  To help you get started, here are some that we recommend.


Other Christian member care centres with counseling

Mobile Member Care Team has teams in West and Central Africa

Alongside, in Michigan, USA

Link Care Center, in California, USA

Barnabas International, in Illinois, USA

Le Rucher, in France

The Olive Tree Counselling Centre, in Antalya, Turkey

Cornerstone Counseling, Chiang Mei, Thailand

The Well International, also in Chiang Mei, Thailand


Sites which have good resources & information for member care

Global Member Care Network has links to resources and to member care services around the world.

Member Care Media has a wealth of short talks on a range of member care topics.

Missionary Care and Cross Cultural Workers are two sites from the same authors which have a wealth of useful resources for missionaries.

Missionary Care also has a range of free e-books on member care, which can be downloaded in various formats.  There are many topics, including ‘Missionary Marriage Issues’, Missionary Singles Issues’, ‘Raising Resilient MKs’, ‘Missionaries & Bribes’, and ‘Preparing for Re-entry’. See

Psychology for Living – Narramore Christian Foundation has a great list of articles on missionary member care.

Psychology Tools is a site full of helpful self-help resources about topics such as anxiety, depression, panic and trauma.  Not specifically Christian, but helpful nonetheless.