Confidentiality at Tumaini

All of the counselling services at Tumaini Counselling Centres are confidential. Information regarding the counselling is released only with the client’s written permission, with the following exceptions:

  • Ethically and legally, if there is a reasonable possibility that the client might harm him/herself or others, the counsellor is responsible to inform others in order to protect the client or others from harm
  • Information subpoenaed by court will be given as required by law
  • In case of suspected abuse or neglect of minors, the counsellor is required to report this information to the appropriate authorities.

When children under 18 are in treatment, written permission is obtained from the parent(s), and the counsellor will discuss with the parents and the child the parameters of how and what will be shared with the parents.

We have a short video which explains this further.  Access this video at Tumaini Confidentiality Video.

The client should let the counsellor know if he/she has any questions or concerns in regard to confidentiality.